International Garden Photographer – Year 2012


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1. Magdalena Wasiczek has won the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2012 competition with her image called Upside Down. Andrew Lawson, one of the judges, said: “I love the subtlety and balletic simplicity of this picture. The brimstone alighting on a sweet pea is a fortuitous event, brilliantly seen.

The butterfly and the flower are the the perfect complement to each other. The outlines of the insect’s wings are continuous with the lines of the flowers; and the patterning on its wings picks up an echo of the pink colour of the flowers.” Magdalena also won first place in The Beauty of Plants category as well as other Finalist and Highly Commended awards. Picture: Magdalena Wasiczek

2. Roger Foley, In the Garden of the Four Seasons. 1st Place, Beautiful Gardens.

3. Rachel Warne, Old Rectory. 2nd Place, Beautiful Gardens.

4. Marianne Majerus, Blue Dawn. 3rd Place, Beautiful Gardens

5. Dennis Frates, Tropical Garden Sunrise. Finalist, Beautiful Gardens.

6. Vincentius Ferdinand, Drinking II. 2nd Place, Wildlife Havens.

7. Simon Roy, Ratty Breakfast. 3rd Place, Wildlife Havens.

8. Matt Cole, Confused Grasshopper. Finalist, Wildlife Havens.

9. Radim Schreiber, Firefly and Moon. Finalist, Wildlife Havens.

10. Nina Jonsson, The Hungry Bunch. Finalist, Wildlife Havens.

11. Magdalena Wasiczek, Sinuous. Finalist, Wildlife Havens.

12. Claire Takacs, Conversations from a Balcony at Dusk Along the High Line. 1st Place, Greening the City.

13. Max Rush, Beans and the City. 2nd Place, Greening the City.

14. Malcolm Boyd, City Against Nature. 3rd Place, Greening the City.

15. Sam Kirk, A Brockley Street. Finalist, Greening the City.

16. Steve Nicholls, Lava Ferns. 1st Place, Fragile Landscapes

17. Debashis Bandyopadhya, A Summer Sunrise. 2nd Place, Fragile Landscapes.

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