Morgan Plus E – Modern Electric Car in Retro Style

Do not think that electric cars and cars with hybrid engines only appeared in recent years. In fact, the first attempts to create a place even at the dawn of the automotive industry. True, not very successful. A British company Morgan showed the car Plus E – modern electric car in retro style.

   Morgan Plus E – is a modern electric car, which if released in the mid-twentieth century. He has a very vintage look – angular lines of the body, made ​​the big wheel, rag hinged roof. as the basis for the appearance of the Morgan Plus E electric car design taken Morgan Plus 8, produced from 1968. Here are just replaced by materials (car has become much lighter and stronger) and the engine.

 In the Morgan Plus E 70 tikilovattny installed an electric motor from the company Zytek, which makes it a retro-car “green”, environmentally friendly and very economical. The car will be a five-speed gearbox. In the embodiment, Morgan Plus E, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show of 2012, a car powered by lithium-ion batteries. However, in the company of Morgan assured that if the machine will go into mass production, it will use any alternative, more modern battery technology.

I must say that Morgan Plus E – this is not the first attempt of Morgan to create modern cars with a view of cars from the past. The site Novate.Ru, for example, we already talked about the cost tricycle vintage cars Threewheeler Morgan , who is about to go into production and mass sales.

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