The concept design futuristic Cathedral Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

The concept design futuristic Cathedral Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels belong architects Xiaofeng Mei and Gao Xiaotian . The project, which aims to give the church a new generation of supernatural spirit of the modern progressive world view is based on the deconstruction of stereotypes and the use of bionic principles of construction.

   The idea of ​​the shape and texture of the structure was inspired by fish body – bones, gills, scales … On the basis of this image was formed by some ultra-modern, sophisticated symbolic composition, designed to inspire and inspire.

 The natural nature, logic and analysis carried out sponsors on all stages of the intellectual creation of this futuristic scenario building. Building translates the original intent of bionics and modern architectural aesthetics, which seek to nature, as it is the most complex biological interpretation of any synthetic organisms.

 According to the authors of the unique project in each area, as well, especially in the field of architecture, theory always goes far beyond the scope of practice, as a prerequisite to be updated and developed.

 It is often even the utopian architecture of future cities, drawn by imaginative genius of the past with success realized in the present. This revolutionary council is designed to deal with totalitarian tendencies, patterns and stereotypes by focusing the viewer’s attention to the proximity to nature and the spirit of liberalism.


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