The original tower transmission line studio DesignDepot

Huge metal deer and the same giant human figures in the Russian fields – this is not the characters from fairy tales by Jonathan Swift. This conceptual transmission line towers, invented the Moscow studio of designers DesignDepot.

 In the summer, spring and fall are nice to look vast expanses of fields planted with wheat, rye, sunflowers. And how do they spoil the serene landscapes of those awkward constructions, which are the modern tower of power lines! Designers around the world have gradually pay attention to the discrepancy between the actual desired, and if you do not try to fix this, the future, designing a more original design. As those created in the studio DesignDepot.


Moscow’s creators offer a new look at these huge buildings. And offer several options to the pylons of the future. In a slender graceful deer, well, giants, heroes that keep the sky above his head, like the ancient Atlanteans. Visualization look quite nice. Details about the project – at the studio site DesignDepot.

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