China Star – China’s first world-class cruise ship

Even ten years ago, everyone was laughing from the very fact that China is building its own cars. Now Celestial captivated by their low-cost and high-quality machines streets of cities around the world. Perhaps, soon will look quite normal, and when in the major ports of the world will be China’s cruise ships . In any case, the first such flight was about to come in!

   Several months ago, we are surprised the first African Joule electric vehicle . Now it’s time to rejoice and technological successes of the Chinese, who are going in the next few weeks to put into operation its first world-class cruise ship – China Star.

 China Star – is a huge and luxurious catamaran. Its length is 131 meters, and the board can hold up to four people: 200 passengers and 200 crew members. They will live in 172 rooms, located on the twelve levels of the liner. The level of comfort and service on this cruise ship will meet six-star hotel. Here are described by the hotel will move through the South China Sea!

 Nearly every cabin on China Star has its own panoramic balcony. On a cruise ship is a lot of chic restaurants, its own theater and cinema, karaoke bar, library, cigar and wine bar, as well as duty-free shops. As mentioned above, China Star cruise ship will sail through the South China Sea, bringing passengers to the major ports of China and to the best resorts of the Celestial Empire.

First Chinese China Star cruise ship was launched on March 8, 2012-year. On his first flight with passengers, he will be released in early May.

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