Review of furniture, Generating Energy

Electricity is not necessarily obtained from wall outlets are connected to a single city power system. It can make your own home or office! Moreover, even with the help of solar panels and wind turbines, compact, and because the subjects of interior! That’s about the furniture , generating energy , and we describe in this review.

SOLo Lounge Table – sun table
table SOLo Lounge Table – this is not just a piece of furniture that serves as a stand for your belongings. Its countertop is a solar panel, which will generate electricity from the rays falling on her through the window. As the creators say, this piece of furniture will be able to generate 17 kilowatts of power per year!

GO – desk chair with a secret
GO – a multifunction device that combines and chair and a table for a laptop, and an exercise bike. Moreover, spinning the pedals at the last, you will produce energy for their gadgets.

The rocking chair Black Rocking Chair
Bench Black Rocking Chair uses a certain technology for a long time rocking chairs. You can sit on it and wiggle back and forth, which will relax a little, feel the comfort. But this process will also generate electricity for charging the energy of your devices. According to the authors of this invention, Black Rocking Chair can be used at home, at home and at airports and train stations, where you can put a lot of innovation in a number of benches.

Rocking-chair Rocking Shell Chair
Rocking chair Rocking Shell Chair also has a built-in generator of electricity. But using it can be supplied current is not a gadget or device, and the light bulb hanging over this piece of furniture. This will be a great addition to furniture for those who can not imagine life without reading.

Folding chair Chaise Lounge
Chaise Lounge Chair easy to fold, turning it into a small table. Or you can arrange to sit in it. In both cases, it will operate as a generator of energy, because it integrated solar panels!

Carnivorous table of Auger-Loizeau
coffee table, created by Auger-Loizeau, can do very strange things like furniture – he eats all kinds of insects: beetles, spiders, mosquitoes and others who dared to climb into the room. Moreover, grinding whole poultry, the table will generate energy.

Sunny deck chair Sun Lounger
Solar energy is best to get the batteries, which are located outdoors, not inside it. Therefore, it is logical to think the appearance of sun loungers Sun Lounger, covered with solar panels and generate electricity, and when you lie on it, and when you go swimming.

Outdoor gazebo Cinco
Cinco – a small outdoor garden furniture, in which the roof, table and chairs are both solar panels. With it you can even use my laptop on the street, especially since the Cinco will also be built and a router, distributing Internet via Wi-Fi.

Outdoor chair SOFT Rocker
chair SOFT Rocker is designed to ensure that people can comfortably sit somewhere in nature, while working on your laptop or watching a movie on it. Moreover, SOFT Rocker while still itself will generate energy – in its “roof” built-in solar panels.

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