“Retro-futurism” fascinating jewelry, Heidi Ackerman

All art has a right to life. There is no bad art and good art: everything there is a connoisseur. The same is true for design. And yet, looking at some sites, particularly those from areas of clothing, footwear and accessories, can not help sneaking thought the author did not thought about, how is it to wear. Perhaps, for this category are, and jewelry by Heidi Ackerman (Heidi Ackerman) . But in a spectacular collection of can not refuse.
     Heidi – the avant-garde designer from Canada. Its stylish, but the strange collection contemplated in the Toronto, Brussels, Sydney and Riga. And all she continues to expand its fashion geography.

   Heidi tries to surprise all the time, and it shows. The designer is constantly experimenting with techniques and materials, for example, combines hand and machine knit, achieve a unique textures of things. Do not Miss Ackerman and indifferent to the eco-theme. In particular, the 2009th was created a collection of clothes Ethere, made ​​on the basis of … traffic jams.    But especially makes itself felt fascination with designer architecture and futurism. The quintessence of this passion has become the latest collection of jewelry called Construct This . Models, dressed in a strange metallic structures, reminiscent of both a medieval knights, and humanoid robots from the recent bright future. Tiaras, large “collars”, and even took the helmets are designed for exceptional cases. And probably not too long: unlikely to get a long pass from a cold metal on the face or neck.


In any case, buyers are grateful to the “retro-futurism,” according to Hedy Ackerman just there. At least, in the future.

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