Ochre Barn, low-budget conversion of a barn in the English provinces

Ochre Barn – an amazing transformation of an old abandoned barn in Norfolk (nemetropolnoe ceremonial county in the East of England), combining the immediacy of the countryside, creativity and comfort of modern living.

   This romantic project of reconstruction of a budget, in total, amounted to 300,000 euros (which, by European standards, quite small, considering the great square the building), owned by British experts from the architectural studio of Carl Turner Architects.

 Authors of the project considering its new creative country-creation, as an experiment, which allowed to try and learn.Converted old rustic barn was warm and comfortable space in which to work, think and create.

 Despite the rather radical update, many of the historical elements of the structure have been carefully preserved and kept in a colorful visual landmarks of the interior.

   Extremely open-plan space is also open to the surrounding of the famous British province.

   The main materials the reconstruction of internal space, strung architects and designers to “thread” of distinctive elements of ancient buildings, concrete and steel OSB-plates, which became the architectural elements and furniture material. A dirt floor barn was replaced with polished concrete.

   The exterior housing has remained virtually unchanged. Charming simplicity of brick and tile does not require additional decorations – signs the present day. And the interiors are not seeking discordant with the appearance of the building, and it is a fun and logical extension.

   According to the authors of the project, due to the size of the shed and the complexity of the problem of reconstruction of its quality at a fairly limited budget, the construction of the home lasted about five years, and its uniqueness was achieved mostly original solutions and ideas.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio with offices based in London: http://www.ct-architects.co.uk/

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