A Huge sofa nest Giant Birdsnest by O * GE CreativeGroup

Creative person – a creative workplace. Following this rule, the designers of the studio O * GE CreativeGroup created a highly original sofa for those who can call a professional dreamers. Couch called Giant Birdsnest is a huge nest in the truest sense of the word.

 Only by changing the usual situation in the unusual you can make a fantasy and imagination to work actively and flat out at 100%, according to designers. And if you remember how creatively decorated interiors headquarters Google , LEGO or Red Bull , with them, could not agree more. Setting is really inspiring, and more original than it is, the more creative ideas are creative people.


So a huge nest of 4.26 meters in diameter, filled with colorful pillows of various sizes, able to replace the place to relax in one of the design studios, if she is worried not only that the employees have worked well, but well rested. Inside the nest sofa easily accommodate 12-16 adults and children even more. Perhaps this will be a wonderful way to strengthen the team spirit and friendly relations in the enterprise. And as the original object Giant Birdsnest interior looks very nice.

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