“Simply T” – Simple and Unassuming packaging for tea bags

Simple and unassuming, even without attracting attention to the appearance of packaging for the tea bags came up with a student designer Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle . The concept of packaging is called Simply T . But if you open the packaging, it turns out that appearances are deceiving, and the design is not as simple as it seemed at first glance.

 Inside the black box is a rainbow: a few rows of tea bags wrapped in brightly colored packaging. In the words of the author, an explosion of color, which is to create a holiday atmosphere and make people smile and positive emotions.


Each bag – this is a separate work of art. He collapsed in a special way, or out of the colorful packaging, we have a pretty flower. A trifle, but nice. An excellent alternative to the traditional square or triangular bags, a variety that would like to see in his kitchen. Of course, while that Simply T – just a concept.

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