Tapis Rouge! – The great green lane in a small French town Zhozhak (Jaujac)

Surprise someone to the presence of vegetation in the village is very difficult, because the very raison d’être of the village lies precisely in agriculture. But when green spaces are located in the village, and even in the middle of the sidewalk and the roadway – this is something strange, it attracts attention. Order and created a great track Tapis Rouge Green! , which appeared recently in a small French town Zhozhak (Jaujac).

   The phrase «tapis rouge» translated from French as “red carpet”, which is certainly a hint of red carpets, on which celebrities are at various film festivals. Here are just a Zhozhake no major film events occurs. But there is a festival of their own folk culture, which attracts teams from all authors and France and some regions of Europe.

 That’s the tenth anniversary of this cultural event is just timed appearance of Tapis Rouge! This installation is a narrow green carpet 430 meters long, which passes through the town, its streets, the park, across the bridge, up the stairs, twists, along with curved contours Zhozhaka quarters.

 To create this unusual element of urban greening took 168 rolls of pre-grown grass elsewhere. This has created an unusual object of Marseilles artist Gaelle Villedary.

 The main purpose of creating a great green track, Tapis Rouge!, In addition to the aesthetic, it was attracting the attention of residents and visitors Zhozhaka this town to the issue of greening the living space, encouraging them to change the world around them, to gardening and horticulture. Even the most modest – even the flowers in the window will change to a much better visual component of the street where your house is located.

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