A toothbrush as a stick, which sterilizes the laptop

Dentists recommend that you change the brush every three months. What happens is very expensive if you buy expensive brush or nozzle brush massager. A group of Korean designers under the direction of Jaewan Jeong devised the concept of smart brush-stick In & Out Toothbrush , which live longer than three months since exposed the systematic sterilization of bristles.

 Form Factor brushes, as has been said, it’s a box with a cap equipped with a USB-port. That is, the flash drive. You can connect it to any device with USB-ports, at least to a computer, even to the laptop, even to the tablet … All that should be done in order to sterilize a toothbrush, a cap and close it to connect to the computer as a USB flash drive.


The display will show on the surface level of progress, and inside the box will be a process of sterilization by ultraviolet bristles.compact and convenient form will allow In & Out Toothbrush travel with its owner at all times, even if the luggage had with him – a small handbag or purse.

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