“Eyebrow jewelry” – Precious eyebrows by Chanel

Want to know what is actual and trend in six months – welcome to the “pre-season” fashion shows. Want to know what makeup to wear next fall and winter – welcome to the same “pre-season” fashion shows. The collection of powerful and influential people from the fashion world is always possible to spy on something original. For example, the “eyebrow jewelry,” which adorned the faces of the models, while they showed a collection autumn-winter 2012-13 the legendary House of Chanel.

   Pictures of girls with precious eyebrows appeared on the pages of fashion blogs right after the show. Beautiful or not – that even the discussion, which included a growing number of online fashion community. But here is the freshness of the idea of creative director of Chanel Make-up by Peter Phillips (Peter Philips) is beyond doubt.

 Phillips, along with Meissen Lisazhem (Maison Lesage) , created a collection of “jewelry” for the eyebrows, focusing on a new collection of sketches made ​​by the hand of Karl Lagerfeld . “Minerals are deposited on the brow, was a key focus of sketches,” – says Phillips.

 Each pair of “eyebrow jewelry” is a mix of natural semi-precious stones and crystals, pearls and sequins, which are applied directly to the natural brow line, significantly expanding it and making it more gometrichnoy.

   The glittering ornaments will add shine and eyebrows unusual color: green, purple or blood red, depending on the color of stones. What is true beauty of this application will take time and patience: each stone will have separate mount on the basis of a special safe adhesive.


A side effect – the girl with the eyebrows of the Chanel may resemble extraterrestrial. But Alien haute couture.

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