“Northern Lights” for the publication of CuteCircuit London

Good dress – one that at a party or cocktail party secular attracts its owner spotlight, forcing the men to turn around and gnash their teeth with envy of women. And do not leave any chance to beat a competitor. Apparently, the design duo from London CuteCircuit well aware of how to effectively present themselves at the glamorous event: to pass their latest dresses Aurora , not jaw dropping to the floor culture, it is simply impossible.

   Hardly anyone in London (if not all British-old woman) knows a lot about “techno-fashion” than Francesca Rosella and Genzo Ryan from CuteCircuit . Especially impressive are obtained from British designer evening dresses, always radiant, shiny hypnotic. The Last Detail Aurora was created specifically for young opera singer, shone forth in him the prestigious annual event organized by the Swiss company Breitling .

 Romantic dress was part of the Aurora Collection Haute Couture. Well, the elegant silhouette in antique style, chiffon and silk taffeta, as well as an abundance of Swarovski stones in decor is quite justify the claimed status. But here’s ten thousand light-emitting diodes , artfully integrated into the outfit, make a far greater impression and provide “Aurora” absolute exclusivity.


Aurora poetic name brings to mind about the Roman goddess of dawn, and the aurora (it is also – Aurora Borealis). To such associations and has an unusual “lights” dress: the mistress of evening attire may itself regulate the mode of light-emitting diodes, making them sparkle with thousands of stars or rainbow stream. Some of the lighting effects can be estimated from the video.


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