Oups Lamp – Lighting design by the French designer Nathalie Bernollin

The French designer Nathalie Bernollin father was a talented artist. Therefore, around the house here and there, were placed jars and buckets of colorful paint. Just turned around and hurt badly bucket – oops! Paint spilled out. These memories from childhood and became an occasion to create a series of original fixtures Oups Lamp.

 Metal sculptures, Oups Lamp can act in this role, but they also bring benefits. As a night light or table lamps, floor lamps or decorative lamps for interior decoration – creative lighting design will cope with any of these problems.


The author has provided several design options: a stylish black and white coloring, and a combination of bright colors. Colorful lights will look good in the interior of a child’s room, and black and white in the strict interior of the office. More information about the project – on site Nathalie Bernollin.

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