Roses IES Cap Norfeu – The expansion of the school in Girona (Spain)

IES Cap Norfeu roses – the expansion of the school in Girona (Spain) – a structure in which large windows are protected by thin raznofunktsionalnymi panels perforated metal. The purpose of forming a new structure was the need to increase the usable area of long-standing institution.

   Minimalist design of the building developed a Spanish architects of the studios Javier de las Heras Sole and Tarrus Bosch .The new wing consists of two classrooms, laboratories, teaching space and a dining room, placed in a narrow one-story structure.

 A thin metal perforated performs various functions – is a filter is too bright sunlight, passing into it a necessary amount, but also protects the large windows of dynamic games of schoolchildren – blows balls and other “flying” objects.

   Featuring an ultra-modern, lightweight high-tech aesthetics of the building and protects its occupants from prying eyes, which creates an additional sense of comfort in the process of familiarization training material.


The bright neutral interiors do not distract attention from the educational process and provide the maximum freedom to sunlight, air and imagination.

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