Wooden Envelope Chest in the form of an Envelope


March 16, 2012Miscellaneous2 Comments

As long as a traditional office involves a lot of paperwork and endless paperwork, the presence of a large envelope is self-evident fact. And a huge envelope of the design firm Field Day will be very useful in any modern office. Especially when you consider that it is – it is a chest of drawers, called Envelope Chest.  Made of solid maple, Envelope Chest repeated appearance of the envelope of the U.S., from which Hollywood movies usually take out a will and hidden in a safe behind a painting, or important documents, together with a business card, no less important person, which is able to solve the main mystery plot. In general, the envelope is taken as a prototype for Envelope Chest, this is a very popular character. And a very handy thing. Durable, solid, as this is the dresser.  

Chest envelope also ideal for storing the most important things. The lid is convenient and close the drawer, and open because of his smooth chest is securely fastened with a button of a leather strap instead of a lock. The original, unusual chest design is intended for those offices, or personal offices, where support is almost homeliness and try to get the maximum comfort. Price for this furniture, however, relevant: there is such a wooden envelope more than $ 900.

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  1. gautrumigmie says:

    l.o.v.e. it soooo much!

  2. scuthighlyrum says:

    very nice )

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