Review of design projects in the style of origami

Japanese bonsai and the art of origami, the once slow, now a gigantic leaps to conquer the world. In addition to souvenirs, and other masterpieces of modern art, designers create more useful items, household items and functional household items. And today we have an overview of just such things in the style of origami , created under the influence of Japanese inspiration.

Computer Mouse origami

   Angular, irregularly shaped mouse from a company Nendo made of plastic, but it looks like over her long and worked hard masters of the ancient Japanese art of origami. It looks original and stylish, it is worth about 80 dollars, but a suspicious user doubted whether it will be convenient to use it. Yet the appearance of devaysa tempting to some thoughts … Although sudden appearances are deceiving?

Concept Phones origami

   Almost all presented in this review gadgets already stacked in the form of origami sculptures. But not this device. Flat kontseptfon Origami Phone and can be folded, and lay as if he were made of paper or cardboard. In fact, ultra-thin plastic material served, so we have to develop an ultra-light phone. The display, microphone, speaker, a slot for a SIM-card and the necessary apparatus for integrated circuits are built into a flat surface. This minimalist design – is the only thing that could count on this device.  Designers continue to exploit the technology of electronic paper. Another attempt to create a folding phone is owned by the studio Inventables. They came up with a phone that does not fully wrinkled and develops in the figures, and on the sofa and a folding screen.  And this “paper” phone – the concept of AntennaDesign, which the developers are confident that 2014 will use these cell phones if not all, many wealthy admirers of the original gadgets.

Portable speakers origami

 When folded this thing is not different from the normal keyring or toys that cling to the strap for your phone. Toy, but …But functional, according to the developer. In fact it is – compact portable speakers for the player, phone, tablet …

Table lamp origami

   Paper devaysov origami can be not only electronic, but the LED. Just like here in the lamp origami Miyo Lamp. At rest, light looks like a sheet of heavy paper, folded traditional origami triangles. If you need a light should bend as many “corners” as needed to create the appropriate atmosphere. The larger and wider than they are open, the brighter.

Wall lamp origami

 The same LEDs are covered with origamnymi corners, triangles, but much more extensive form of the fixture. Light Form is not just a lamp, it’s glowing wall. Need to lose a few tens of calories? Just something and you want to manually turn down that little corners of this wonderful wall lamp.

Decorative lamp origami

Multi-colored triangles this nightlight is not origami paper. They are attached to the frame so that they can independently rotate and bend. So what form this devaysu be today or tomorrow to decide its happy owner.

Spoon origami

   Not for soup or borsch, but pour the sugar into a cup and stir with a spoon that you can. Creative Origami Spoon is a pattern for myself. To make the spoon out of a flat piece of wood, you need to bend it along the cuts applied.

Tables origami

   It may be that the shape of these tables in a series of Manifold and not too origamnaya, but they are made by all the rules of this art. One sheet, in the case of iron, – a single product. Just a little bit sparingly, but the original and in its own style.

Chairs origami

     Taken as a basis for designers is the same conventional way of creating origami. One sheet, for example, plastic marking, binding sites for details … And voila, a compact and stylish chair based on Origami in front of you. Only now do it yourself it myself.



In fact, this wooden bench just seems folded in a characteristic style and based on origami. In fact, Origami Forum consists of a dozen, or more precisely, some hundreds of wooden triangles that are bonded together by a thick and tight rope. Come up with and implement the idea of ​​the original designers of the bench ModelArt Studio.

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