Ondule lounge chair on the Eno Mattis (Mattis Esnault)

The mysterious chair, whose meaning can be interpreted in several ways, created by designer Eno Mattis (Mattis Esnault) from France. The project is called Ondule Lounge chair , and his appearance at once recalls and shar pei dog, and sand dunes, and the cerebral convolutions.

 It is considered that the main role of modern design is not a project or product, and after that, what his legend and how the author positions his creation. Someone “leaves” at the expense of ecological ideas, the other specializes in projects forchildren. A French designer Eno Mattis (Mattis Esnault) decided to take the audience shocking, mystery and humor.

     Ondule name means “wave”. The author argues that his project was created under the impression of vast sand dunes under the hot sun. However, someone will probably find the similarity of the chair with the dog breed shar pei. And looking at the artwork, which depicts a man with strange design on the head, it becomes apparent – a sinuous design of this chair represents the brain, the most important organ of the person, its central part, and, as they say, the primary erogenous zone.


Chair consists of a durable frame, made of special foam and resin, covered with elegant bright yellow cloth Danish brand Kvadrat. Extravagant looks and bright colors make Ondule lounge chair furniture is not for everyone. And very difficult to find the interior, which would have all the furniture, including chair-brain would be combined organically. More information about the development – on the site Eno Mattis (Mattis Esnault).

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