Pedal The World! Overview of Electric Bikes


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The beauty of the bicycle is to apply a small force of its own for leisurely travel around the city and nature. But, however, some believe that this pedal is not required. That is for such people, as well as for lovers of innovation, just create electric bicycles . A review of these unusual vehicles so far, we just suggest to you today.

Electric Bicycle Flow E-bike
bicycle Leaving Flow E-bike on the street, you do not even need to fasten it to a fence or tree. After all, its battery is in the seat. Sidushki enough to remove (it weighs quite a bit), and this bike does not budge – the wheels are blocked by the lack of seating.

Cargo Bike BOXX Electric Bike
Electric Bike BOXX Electric Bike is designed to transport not only people but also goods. It has two compartments for things, and its maximum payload of 120 kilograms. A fully charged battery at BOXX Electric Bike can travel nearly 60 miles.  Folding Electric Bicycle Motor Compo Honda

Honda Motor Compo differs from a similar vehicle in that it can be folded, with uzhimayas to the minimum, and used as on-board computer smartphones.

Bike-bull Ford E-Bike
Electric Bike Ford E-Bike has serious technical features. It can travel on one charge of battery up to 85 kilometers, and if you turn the pedals at the same time, it is much more. The maximum speed of its 25 kilometers per hour. Yes, and the appearance of Ford E-Bike makes turn its attention to the vehicle – visually it looks like a horned bull.

Bamboo elektrobayk T20
T20 – it’s an electric bike, whose body is made ​​from environmentally friendly materials, namely, of bamboo. Strength of the said herb is enough for these purposes. A maximum speed of the bike is described as 40 miles per hour.

Cyclists in the style of Batman
If Batman had a bicycle, then surely he would have traveled on this electric bike from the company Hanebrink. After all, the main goal when creating this vehicle was a pastiche of his recognizable style of man-bat.

Grace E-Bike – a pioneer of
Grace E-Bike – the world’s first modern serial electric bicycle. It can accelerate to a speed of 64 kilometers per hour, with the power of the engine will stack to the power of human legs. And, to go to Grace E-Bike can be in either an ordinary bike and scooter mode, the electric motor alone.

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