Cetatuia Loft – transparent interior loft complex “on the hill”, located in Brasov (Romania)

Romanian arhitektoryy Ion Popusoi and Bogdan Preda created a beautiful and compact, modern residential loft complex called Cetatuia Loft , located in Brasov (Romania). Surrounded by fabulous scenery in the central hill, not far from the Black Church, that at first glance, a normal house opens a view of its inhabitants and their guests an exquisite translucent setting with mountain views and historic part of town.

       Cetatuia Loft, consisting of two loft apartments, rational and sophisticated use of every square meter of space to create dynamic relationships with the surrounding landscape and its own interior elements.

   Three storey house covering 1,500 square meters, covered by the maximum amount of natural daylight to penetrate through the large windows (including skylights) and is not a blockage, by using a large number of structural elements of the interior glass.

   For example, an air stair handrail with transparent at the level of feelings, takes up very little space while maintaining the continuity of the visual stream, and transparent walls and ceilings with wooden beams, which were both floors and ceilings, all rooms are increasing, at least twice, and Despite the coldness of the material, creating a distinctive atmosphere of comfort.

       Individual interior solutions emphasizes professional work with the systems of artificial lighting and colorful neon lighting, allowing to easily create a “mood” of the home, the appropriate circumstances and state of the soul inhabitants Cetatuia Loft.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio http://www.ionpopusoi.ro/

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