Encyclopaedia Britannica going to become a fully digital !!

This year marks the two hundred forty-four years from the date of the appearance of the Encyclopedia Britannica , the most authoritative encyclopedia in the world. But, despite such a ripe age, she and her team are not strangers to innovation, innovation. And in the near future, Britannica is going to become a fully digital !

   Wikipedia, as we know, has already made ​​attempts to create a real , not virtual version of your. But the best, complete and authoritative in the world of paper encyclopedia, Britannica, plans to soon appear in the virtual world. Of course, some Britannica already exists on the Internet. But after a few years it will operate exclusively in the virtual version – its printed version is no need to publish.

 Kahuzi Jorge (Jorge Cauz), president of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., So that explains the meaning of innovation: “The existence in book form was never an end in itself Britannica. Our main goal – to give the widest possible audience of people high-quality and comprehensive information about the world. And in our time to do it best through the World Wide Web. “As expected, the full transition to digital format will allow the Encyclopedia Britannica to be more complete, dynamic and accessible to a wider audience. Indeed, in the Information Wide Web makes no sense to save space – you can give more text, more images, add video and audio files. Also, the encyclopedia will training programs.

Most of the Encyclopedia Britannica site will be free. Extended version as it becomes available by subscription for the very low price – 70 U.S. dollars a year. At the same schools, universities and other public institutions receive a significant discount. from its main rival at the moment, Wikipedia, Britannica will compare favorably with the quality of the material, its consistency of the classical style. After writing articles in the Encyclopedia will continue to be certified specialists in their fields, the best scientists in the world, rather than a random Internet users.

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