Futuristic Wave Kitchen – a set of furniture in the style of “futuristic minimalism”

Spanish architecture studio A-Cero , a well-known to us from previous publications, has designed a futuristic kitchen Wave Kitchen – a set of furniture in the style of “futuristic minimalism.”

   The work of experts from the A-Cero is almost always characterized the ultra-modern lines, shapes, concise and restrained color schemes, suggesting a dynamic shift of bright accents. This is not a traditional functional minimalism. This – the purity of thoughts and feelings of “people of the future”, the energy that is freely peretekayuschaet from one state to another, forming a smooth spatial relationships and uniting the inhabitants of the home.

 This kitchen, to a greater extent, reminiscent of a spaceship, rather than the concentration of household functions. Modern materials allow to save the future owners of this set from a sense of life, of which, as we know, can “break the love boat.”On the contrary, Wave kitchen is as romantic as futuristic. The inner aspect of the module is made up of two blocks, covered with white paint. In each of the two parts are metal boxes with the suspension. Cutlery trays are made of oak wood and is also painted white.

Kitchen Wave kitchen is available in various colors, which makes possible a wide range of uses, both residential and public interiors. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio http://a-cero.com/

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