Nexus – a low price tablet from Google and Asus

The plates are marching with firm step on the territories previously occupied by the confidence the personal computers and laptops. To release its own “pill” and decided to head global innovator – the corporation Google . Moreover, it will be very expensive gadget costs about $ 200. The name of the future devaysa – Nexus.

Rumors that Google is planning to release a budget Tablet PC, walked across the expanses of the Internet for several months. And finally, the corporation has decided to confirm it. “Tablet” will be called Google Nexus and will be available very soon.
for the technical part of the Google Nexus in this project meets the company Asus. This tablet will work on quad-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon. A diagonal of its screen is 7 inches.
Of course, the Google Nexus will install the operating system Android 5.0 Jelly Bean – latest brainchild from Google. Price of this tablet is a very budget. As expected, it will vary from 150 to 250 U.S. dollars. That is the main competitor of this gadget would be already quite firmly entrenched in the market “pill” Fire on the Amazon Kindle . However, at equal cost and diagonal screen, Google Nexus will have a much more impressive specifications.
However, this assertion is based only on preliminary data. And while that is not known much of the technical data relating to the Google Nexus. For example, it is not clear what type will display in this Tablet PC, whether it is equipped with a camera module, 3G (in the presence of long ago became accustomed Wi-Fi no doubt), what are the dimensions of the built-in a permanent flash memory.

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