Imprinted the far-distant Galaxies in the design of women’s clothing

These romantics have always attracted stellar distances and distant galaxies. And do not have to be George Lucas, to evaluate the unlimited creative potential, which is fraught with cosmic expanse. You can, for example, to design women’s clothing. And, as a young label Shadowplay NYC , to release a collection of items decorated with real photographs taken space telescope “Hubble”.

     In a distant galaxy predalekoy-called “Big Apple” Once upon a time, two young designers, it is literally obsessed with the theme of space. They called their Ximena Chouza and Binneym Ali (Ali Bennaim) . The young people decided to share his love of beauty with others. Worthy complement the majestic beauty of inaccessible heights could only curves of the female body. So designers have decorated pictures of gas clouds and star clusters located in tens of thousands of light years from Earth, air skirts, dresses and tops made ​​of light chiffon and jersey.

   Chouza Binneym and can not name a single source of his inspiration: great idea can come at any moment. In particular, when viewing photos on the Internet, obtained by high-powered space telescope “Hubble”. They were subsequently printed on the fabric.

   Every little thing that goes under the label Shadowplay NYC , Ximena and Ali are hand made ​​in his studio in Manhattan, and then sold in an online store on Etsy . Guys believe that the creator of any novice “local” brand is simply obliged to participate in all stages of production of its products, from design concept to creative self-realization of the goods and to communicate with people. Otherwise, you will not learn to build a truly profitable business.

 Designers also work on special-saving technology, which allows efficient use of every inch of fabric. Thus, the reduced amount of waste.


Of course, a small label can not compete with large corporations and global brands. Shadowplay NYC but they are sure is better to buy a unique work of local designers and excellent quality at an affordable price than another little piece of “speaking” tag, but like everyone else.

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