Holtkamper Flyer Tent

Tourist tent, in spite of practicality, can not fully replace the house with a household perspective. Of course, if we are not talking about superpalatke Holtkamper Flyer Tent , Multi-and multifunctional. The total area of the premises provides 26 square meters!

   In the review of the most unusual in the world of tents on the site we showed a lot of very unusual mobile place to sleep. But they were not very large, designed for one, two, at most, three. But Holtkamper Flyer Tent – it’s not a tent, this is a true portable home!

 Although, of course, bear it very difficult – Holtkamper Flyer Tent weight is 400 pounds. So it is best to travel with her car, carrying the king of this special tent-trailer.

 In the fully unfolded form Holtkamper Flyer Tent has a common room, which can be used as a dining room, kitchen, dressing room, a bedroom for adults and children, as well as a toilet. She can be covered and the vehicle in which you came. So Holtkamper Flyer Tent – the world’s first tent with a garage! The total area of ​​the premises of this mobile home, as mentioned above, is 26 square meters, which is comparable to the one-room apartment.

 And it all takes place very quickly. Craftsmen lead Holtkamper Flyer Tent in full readiness to move in just 32 seconds. The new owners of the same miracle tents can handle it all for a minute or two – mobile home expanded in the automatic mode, you need only pull the right levers and ropes. This Holtkamper Flyer Tent very good job with the storm wind, thunder, snow , frost, mosquitoes and other vagaries of nature, which may interfere with a good rest.

In windows Holtkamper Flyer Tent has special solar filters, do not let the ultraviolet. And in every room of this huge tent has its own entrance with mosquito netting.

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