Biodegradable collection by Stella McCartney

Soon the army creative designers may well be divided into two camps: the first soldiers will continue to use fur in their works, and skin, and the second – all go over to the eco-friendly materials. Interestingly, the number of “green” groups is growing. In their lists – many famous names. In particular, at the forefront of eco-fashion creates a daughter of the legendary “Beatle” Stella McCartney. In her collections, you will not see “animal products”, and now Stella has taken another step towards the environment and began using bioplastic in the manufacture of shoes.

     Stella McCartney – well-known vegetarian and protector of animals. In her boutiques will not buy products made ​​of leather or fur. In any case, natural. And in the new collection autumn-winter 2012-13 presented a line of designer women’s shoes with biodegradable soles . When shoes wear out, lose a presentable appearance or become irrelevant, they can be thrown out without the slightest twinge of conscience, after a short period of time after the “ceremonial burial” in the ground, shoes completely disintegrated, without poisoning the soil. The line of sneakers with similar properties a year earlier presented the Dutch OAT Shoes.

Biodegradable shoes and look batilony by Stella McCartney, as well as it veschyam by Stella McCartney: restrained, but with a twist. The classic colors (black, brown, burgundy), and “alligator” effect (for shoes, “boats”) adds a few unexpected white or gray sole bioplastics. Thanks to the eco-branded shoes is easy to distinguish among its “irresponsible” peers.

There remains only one question: Who would ever think of throwing shoes by Stella McCartney in the trash?

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