Creative and ergonomic children’s loft for two brothers.

This creative and ergonomic child’s room is located in an apartment in New York East Side (USA), at the request of customers, has been transformed by designers from the “Single” in a creative bedroom living space for the two brothers.

   The small room was able to embody the most cherished dream boys – two-level space, punching bag, a place for outdoor games, wall climbing for the future, the Swedish ladder and most importantly – a private space for each of the brothers formed as the first and second “floors”.

 A two-level loft for children thoroughly but delicately zoned “double” this wee one remaining space, which determine the dynamics of the brightest creative elements that develop the imagination makes life in your own room in a bright and exciting adventure.

Furniture includes a set of storage solutions designed to hide the inevitable clutter of objects traditionally in the nursery – open (books and objects of pride) and closed (children’s secrets and personal stuff). neutral color and textural context of the transformed space tends not to be intrusive and to follow age of its inhabitants, promoting ‘seamless’ change of decor, with the inevitable development of the adolescent.

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