7 Amazing fun accessories to relieve stress in the office

Office workers exposed to daily stress, to somehow relieve tension and to hold out until Friday evening, people often resort to a little harmless jokes and tricks. We offer an overview of devices, perfect for this purpose.


 For shooting with anything to anybody on the perfect slingshot pencil. With this uncomplicated device, you can easily convince your colleagues that you are not only a great expert in their field, but also well-aimed sniper.

The handle “Rubber Bandit.”

Handle “Rubber Bandit” may be first to finish his colleagues, who survived after firing a slingshot, a pencil, and then draw on his desk fighting an asterisk by the number of defeated enemies.

Sticky brain.

 Impressive looks sticky ball, made in the form of the brain. It easily fits in your palm, so you can quietly throw the ball into the monitor neighbor. Getting on any surface, the brain sticks and slowly slides down. Disgusting. What you need!

Computer jokes on colleagues with PC Prankster.

 If your colleague is too easily given work seamlessly slide in the USB-connector to a computer gadget PC Prankster. Wonderful device will make the computer fail horribly, doing work on it unbearable. So you do not greatly affected by the IT people angry and colleagues, PC Prankster equipped with a timer and is programmed to several modes of operation, while it is absolutely safe for your computer.

Mouse-Joystick for office gamers.

 Imperceptibly, a slight movement of the hand mouse Chameleon X1 can be turned into a game joystick. In the case of “danger” in the same flick device is transformed back into a mouse. How and where to apply the Chameleon X1, guess yourself.

Eyes-Eyelid Stickers stickers for fans of sleep during working hours.

 Students, security guards, secretaries and office just riders will be interesting fun eye-eyelid stickers Stickers . Instructions for use: 1. Eyelid Stickers to stick for ever 2. Sit back and prop up the head on his hand, and 3. See dreams of harsh everyday work

“Mirror of Emotions” from Philips.

Invaluable assistant for office workers can be “mirror of emotions.” The gadget detects fatigue and stress, and the owner says it’s time to take a break.

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