The Showcase – Stadium, a possibility of World Cup 2022 in Qatar

In the small Arab state of Qatar in 2022 will be the World Cup. However, many experts and journalists questioned the most, even the possibility of organizing a similar event in the hot heat of the Arabian desert. But the stadium The Showcase – a clear demonstration that the impossible does not exist!

Qatar is prepared in full swing FIFA World Cup. Construction of stadiums for such a large event, engaged in the most eminent architects of the world, including, and Sir Norman Foster (Norman Foster) . And recently in the Middle Eastern country opened its first object to the World Cup 2022 – “sunny” Arena The Showcase, designed by Arup Associates. Truth, The Showcase will not take the World Cup matches. This arena is a completely different class, it is training. Also, the stadium is designed for mini-football matches on.

But anyway The Showcase – a sign for the future of World Cup 2022 object. He argues that FIFA selecting Qatar, was not mistaken – the tournament in this country it is quite possible. The Showcase – The world’s first stadium, the energy for the normal functioning of which is produced directly by himself at the expense of solar panels installed on the roof and other flat planes. Stadium, this is, of course, has a roof protecting visitors from sun rays. A cooling system is connected directly to each of the seats in this arena. So that any viewer who came to minifutbolny match, will feel in complete comfort.

However, the stadium The Showcase has only 500 seats. But the arena for games of World Cup 2022-the year will operate on a similar principle (protection from the sun, using solar panels and maximum comfort for the audience), so only the size of a hundred times exceed the size of The Showcase.

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