“Warriors” Pillow Fight !! Arsenal to fight pads from Brian Koo


March 20, 2012Miscellaneous1 Comment

Having decided to arrange a fight at home cushions, “warriors” dispense with the weapons, which comes to hand. Couch and decorative feather pillows and orthopedic whistling over his head and cause damage to the enemy. Have fun! But with a set of weapons, which the student-designer Brian Koo (Bryan Ku) invented specifically for this purpose, to fight will be even more fun.

 Koo, Brian (Bryan Ku) so far is learning at the Faculty of Graphic Design at California State University (Los Angeles), but it was the author of several original and fun projects that are, perhaps, and are not, and Extremely vital, but will be able to provide a portion of the pleasure and fun. One such development is just a set of arms Pillow Fight , is necessary in the case when the war begins pillows.


In the arsenal of Pillow Fight is all that is needed warrior sword, shuriken, nunchaku, halbert, and even a grenade for those cases where the need to fight back immediately from the two attackers. Of course, all these weapons are completely safe and gentle, as essentially a small decorative pillows. But for special purposes. So when friends come to visit and stay overnight, instead of hanging on the internet and check the news on social networks, we can arrange a fun fights where there is no victim.

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