PocketBook Touch with a 6-inch Pearl-Screen


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Russia has started selling a new “reading room” of the market leader in e-readers of the international company PocketBook. Model PocketBook Touch is equipped with a modern 800-megahertz processor, a 6-inch “elektronnochernilnym” display of the latest generation with control function “multitouch,” and Wi-Fi-module. It should be noted and a small thickness of the reader – 9.5 mm.

 PocketBook Touch is sold in two colors: white and black. The body is made ​​of reader matte plastic. On the front panel are multi-display (it was later, that is, below) and the hardware buttons – a key swing-for page, the “menu” and “home.” The control is performed using a touch screen and keys. By the way, some menu items can be accessed only through the touch screen. The back side of the gadget has a box of rubberized plastic “soft touch”, so the unit does not slip in your hand. Also worth noting insertion of an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, which greatly increases the strength of the device. During the build quality PocketBook Touch meets the company Foxconn Electronics – the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics. Reader has the following dimensions – 174 x 114.5 x 9.5 mm and its weight – 195 g PocketBook Touch is equipped with a 6-inch capacitive touchscreen E-Ink-screen of the last generation – Pearl. In comparison with the previous-generation displays (Vizplex), on the Pearl-screen picture is changing much faster – by 2.2 times. Yes, and a clearer picture, and the substrate is much whiter. Therefore, reading from such a display is identical to reading a paper book or magazine. In addition, the screen is capacitive, inductive and not, as some models PocketBook. Also note the feature for managing multiple fingers – “multitouch”, through which you can scale, rotate, and flip through images on the screen. Built-in gyro sensor, you can read from the device in any position – the picture flips automatically. The screen resolution is quite standard for a 6-inch reader – 600 by 800 pixels. Full battery PocketBook Touch enough for you to read 8000 pages, which is nearly a month of active use of the gadget.

 Hardware platform PocketBook Touch supports the processor Freescale, which operates at 800 MHz, RAM – 128 MB. Reader works fairly quickly, this also applies to changing the image, and open files. To store the information provided 2GB of internal flash memory, which can be expanded by memory cards format microSD (maximum supported capacity – 32 GB). PocketBook Touch can be called multi-format device. Reader reads the following files: EPUB DRM, EPUB, PDF DRM, PDF, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, DJVU, HTM, HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, CHM, and TCR (documents), JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF ( images) and MP3 (music). By the way, the sound can be played as a built-in speakers or through headphones connected to a 3.5mm jack.

With built-in wireless adapter PocketBook Touch Wi-Fi connection you can comes to the Internet directly from the reader.For this purpose pre-web browser and the client to read RSS-feeds. You can also note the function of voice reading the text – Text-To-Speech, a calculator, a calendar, a set of dictionaries Abbyy Lingvo, a program for creating handwritten notes, and more. summarize. We have a 6-inch reader with a modern and high-quality display performance of the “iron”, wireless module Wi-Fi and a set of useful programs. Approximate cost PocketBook Touch – 7000 rubles.

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