Green Square North Lobby – an Ultra-modern Reconstruction of the lobby

Green Square North Lobby – updated lobby space, designed by experts from the architectural studio Geyer for an office building in Brisbane (Australia). Wishes of the customer was the modernization and expansion of existing facilities foyer, in order to attract and retain new tenants.

   Unique interior arrangement of solid wood, designed as a response to the complex architecture of the original space, radically transformed the lobby of the building. The sculptural wooden track unfolds through space in order to hide a small elegant high ceilings in some places, the foyer, as well as cumbersome technical units.

 Merging into a single artistic intent, a wooden shell designed to deflect attention from the shortcomings of space and charm visitors and surreal form of light, taken in the context of traditional warm wood, creating a sense of inner peace.

Expressive language tree stress tinted mirrors, reflecting and doubling the space at the level of sensation, reviving the once simple and featureless lobby, devoid of dynamic relationships and integrity. Sophisticated palette of materials is a neutral and an exciting time. Reacting to the features of the existing topography of the building, a daring concept of the authors of the project achieved its primary goal, realized in the ultra-modern social space, able to interest and attract the most demanding tenants. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, branches of which are not only in Australia but also elsewhere in Europe and Asia:

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