The original table by Miki Astori for the buffet table in the open air

The name of the creative table for buffet, created by a designer named Miki Astori (Miki Astori) , sounded like the name of a favorite by many film “Three Nuts for Cinderella.” If not for the fact that Driade is the name of the company for which this table was designed. However, the nut ( Peanut ), this design also did not like: it’s probably olive, cocktail tube and umbrella-ornament. It is expected that this furniture will come in handy during beach parties or on the beach resorts, where vacationers seek how you can spend less time outside the coast.

 Peanut Coffee Table is made of aluminum, which in itself is a light metal. For the stability of the author provided a heavy base in the form of “olives”, well, in order to give the whole structure of the warm and cheerful mood, Peanut table painted in green or pale green. Color lush greenery, spring and summer weather and freshness.


I bet many would have been nice to see instead of the annoying plastic tables in the street cafes and cafeterias, it is such a funny little tables, hinting to the holiday and a tasty cocktail. It is expected that this project will be presented at the next Biennial in Milan. The development is designed for the Italian furniture company Driade.

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