Decorative vase In Case Vase, it is the same weapon from Sarah Ebert


March 21, 2012Miscellaneous1 Comment

If you want peace – prepare for war, said the ancient sages. So we are doing, keeping the room with sand boxes and fire extinguishers, “just in case”, buying guns with traumatic bullets or gas cans “just in case”, attending courses and sections, and self-respecting other rules and precautions. Exaggerating this need, the designer Sarah Ebert (Sara Ebert) has created the original design of ceramic vases In Case Vase , in which case that might be useful for self-defense.

 On the surface of each vase applied pattern: pattern composed perforation. Ignorant person may seem like a decoration and made it just for beauty. It can also be solved and the attacker. But should he negligently or intentionally break the landlord vessel, will the notorious “rosette” – a traditional weapon of yard brawls.


Thanks to the perforation, the vase is broken exactly the pattern that will provide an intelligent designer weapons sharp edges and dangerous territory. And then watch out, the attacker, your wiles will be directed against you. Well, as long as no one is waiting for an attack, a bouquet of flowers, delivered in a ceramic vase In Case Vase, can decorate the table, windowsill, or bedside table.

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    Displaying a decorative vase grouping may be quite stunning and there are several different ways to go about doing this.

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