The world’s first interactive Jelly Bean Park in Seattle

Previous mayor of Moscow, has become famous, including the fact that on his orders for the holidays over Moscow special teams dispersed the clouds, so that nothing prevented the holding of mass events. And here in Seattle may soon appear the world’s first interactive Jelly Bean Park , which the administration itself can control the weather in it.

 The site we have repeatedly told about the variety of architectural objects, which the creators are trying to make “fly.” As an example, the flying city of Heaven and Earth or not ordinary water tower in the Italian town of Latina . But the architectural firm offering project PRAUD Park in Seattle, the main element of which will be hung in the sky, a huge object.

  Park Jelly Bean may take a few years, almost in downtown Seattle, at the point where now there is Memorial Stadium. After the demolition of the sports facilities in the area freed nine-acre development project in which the city government announced a competition. One of its members just became company PRAUD. And her idea into the finals of the architectural competition.

 The concept called Jelly Bean involves the creation of the world’s first interactive park. Above this area for recreation will continue to fly a huge artificial cloud that performs a wide variety of functions at once. For example, it can be used to regulate the climate – clouds and rain suit in the hot, dry days, or, conversely, sunny weather at the moment when the around the sheds as from a bucket.

 In addition, in the evening this flying element of the park Jelly Bean can be used as a night illumination or projection screen that allows you to create unprecedented visuals to this!

Also, the creators of the park project Jelly Bean suggests that the surface of the artificial clouds can make a mirror, so that people in one part of Seattle to watch from afar as flowing to live in another town.

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