Expressive backpacks against HIV / AIDS project by EASTPAK Artist Studio

Good news, ladies and gentlemen: Summer is coming. And every day it feels warm all the stronger. So today let’s talk about that without this pleasant journey in the warm months and warmer climates would not be so pleasant: for backpacks and bags. Utility, durability and capacity – the main qualities to them. But beauty is never superfluous. What makes a charity to make sure the project from Eastpak , united under his wing dozens of young, creative and bold personalities.

         What happens if I lock the 130 artists in one room (well, a huge hypothetical room) and give each a simple but well-known backpack Eastpak? Get 200 extraordinary, exclusive accessories, go past that is simply impossible. Why are some gentlemen, exceed trudonormu, history is silent. Such is the strange arithmetic. The main thing is that everything in the name of a good purpose – to attract public attention to all the growing problem of HIV / AIDS in the world.        Backpacks to the creation of works of art, put your hands well-known European designers, artists, street performers, DJs, rock stars and even chefs. An extensive collection of exclusive pleases the eye and strikes the imagination: copyright prints, appliques, sculptures, each bag makes quite different from his fellows.

       By the way, including an exclusive design – and our old friend “kotoryukzak” KatzBag with glowing eyes in the dark.        Funds from the sale of expressive and emotional backpacks will go to charity. We have before us – one more attempt to draw the attention of a beautiful young people to HIV / AIDS. Which, unfortunately for everyone.      
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