An innovative gadget for payment by credit card through a smart phone |

Promises that “on Mars will be apple blossom,” the older generation has not complied with. But our generation has virtually conquered the new technology, and the joy of a shopaholic invented a gadget that allows you to make purchases and pay for their plastic card in any place where the “catch” a mobile phone. The device is called PayPal Here it is, and is intended for smartphones based on iOS and Android.

 A small blue triangle logo PayPal is a cross between card reader and the payment terminal, and connects to the phone jack. It should be installed on a cell phone related software, take a picture of your credit card and give the program to “remember” its appearance – and voilà, a universal payment system is ready.


It is expected that the miracle gadget will be interested, first of all, small businesses and small retailers. Payment system will charge a fee of 2.7 percent of the payment amount, but a debit card which will give each holder of PayPal coveted blue triangle will return 1% of the transaction. Thus, the Commission will reduce to 1.7 percent, and the comfort of mutual settlements – significantly increase. When will the development of the first “field test”, is still unknown.

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