Wonder-full Conceptual Gadget Lollipop Thermometer for kids

When a child is sick, it becomes overly sensitive and moody, and the thermometer is so slippery, cold and hard, that many kids do not get hold of his arm, and a few seconds. Designers have long been working on this problem, coming up with alternative methods such as measuring the temperature of the nipple with a thermometer , a thermometer, a hoop , or Lunar Baby Thermometer , which only need to touch the forehead. Korean designers Chun-Chia Hsu, You-Ren Chen and Liu Rong-cheng went even further: the development of their So sweet and measure the temperature, and looks like a treat , and the taste is even nothing.

 Conceptual thermometer under the name So sweet is the gadget-candy Lollipop Thermometer, which is a very real piece of candy on a stick. Candy is really true, but the stick – this is the thermometer. Instead of asking the baby to open his mouth and hold it in an ordinary thermometer, you can offer him a little bit sweet, and the whims will be over.


This method is ideal for parents who are afraid to give kids not only mercury, but also any other thermometer to capricious child accidentally broke it does not, decided to play a doctor. It is expected that the baby will be totally fascinated by eating sweets, and a thermometer in the meantime will do its work, temperature measurements and display the data on the kind of display. Complete with a candy thermometer, there are three candy. Perhaps the “replacement” sweets can be bought at the pharmacy, when suddenly this development will ever be realized.

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