Richmond Weekender – Creative temporary set by Australian design studio Right Angle and Foolscap

Together, the Australian design studio Right Angle and Foolscap formed a temporary complex that includes a dining room, market, cinema, place in a former factory for the production of a piano.

   Title improvised complex located in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) – Richmond Weekender. The institution operates every weekend throughout March, occupying a few rooms in an abandoned building, and the area in the yard and beyond.

 Tables and benches are made of inexpensive wood and rock slabs OSB. Inside the cinema project authors put undulating felt carpet, which is visually and structurally support a comfortable, but democratic, wooden and foam shop and support elements.

 After the expiration of this charitable event building will be reconstructed and rebuilt in an elite apartment building with commercial spaces.

   The action became effective launch of a future project, drawing attention to the object for which the arrangement was used minimal funds for a maximum of creativity in an almost non-existent within the urban vintage style.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio and offices are located in Melbourne:

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