Open your mouth, say A. Unusual SlashGear for medical purposes

A hundred years ago, the main drug of almost all diseases in the world believed bloodletting. Now, its method of treatment is literally that of any sores. And for a variety of different functions has its own device. Sometimes, quite unusual. That’s the most interesting SlashGear created for medical purposes , just as our present and will be reviewed.

Fabrics iLoad for painless treatment
of us as a child was not afraid of syringes with needles? Some of them still continue to shudder at their mention. But the Swiss company Schoeller Textil AG has created a fabric iLoad, who will be in the process of conveyance of drugs into the body. Suffice it to only wear clothes made ​​from this material – and no syringes, no needles!

Gel for healing broken bones
team of scientists from research centers in the U.S. state of Georgia has created an amazing Gel Fracture putty, designed for quick healing of broken bones. Its healing power is based on the use of stem cells – just anoint them and fix problem areas.And after 2-3 weeks of symptoms of past trauma, by and large, do not remain.

Logopedic gadget iTok based iPhone
device iTok, created based on the iPhone, allows you to get rid of the need to use the services of a speech therapist for speech problems in children or adults. Simply plug this gadget to your phone and start to say in his words, and only he will help a person to correct pronunciation.

Light from Philips Healthcare
at the process of recovery is influenced not only drugs but also the mood of the patient, as well as the conditions under which it is located. Here’s to even the basement hospital room seemed suite with a great view out the window, Philips has developed a gadget Healwell Medical Lighting – monitors, creating a special, positive coverage and, accordingly, worldview.

Candy Lollipop Thermometer thermometer

is difficult to find a child who would love the process of checking the temperature of his body with a thermometer. After all this we have a fairly long (for baby), the time to sit still or even silence. Another thing, if the thermometer for oral administration combined with a delicious candy, as implemented in the device Lollipop Thermometer.

 A computer mouse that monitors the health of
many of us spend every day for several hours, holding a computer mouse. Here, ASUS has created a manipulator and W1, designed for the monitoring of health of a man who uses it, namely, his heart rate. In this device transmits the information to a computer which analyzes it and makes findings and share them with the user or his doctor.  Mechanical assembler sperm
is used male donors were forced to manually perform some manipulation, to give a portion of semen. But Chinese engineers have created a special machine, which is in mechanical mode to cope with this problem, and show more exciting video to the client.

Home robot, instead of hospital inpatient
experience shows that patients recover faster at home than in hospital. The reason for that – a feeling of comfort. That in order not to keep people in the hospital after surgery, scientists have developed a special robot, which can be sent back to the patient. He will always go after the man – for an apartment, a store, school, work, translating to a hospital picture and sound. In the case of vozniknuvshih problems, a medical team within a few minutes to come to the aid of the patient. The first 50 such robots entered the service of the Children’s Hospital Boston.

Origami for the diagnosis of diseases of
Origami paper folding – a special paper that can detect certain diseases of man, who will try to make it into different shapes.It will be built in a variety of biomarkers that respond to touch received during the data (temperature, sweat, tiny pieces of skin). How to say the creators of this invention, it is perfectly cope with the diagnosis of diseases such as HIV, jaundice, diabetes, malaria, etc.

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