“Dressed” and “Stripped” Bloom My Buddy, or a plastic vase

Dressed up for the holiday is not even a tradition, this procedure is taken for granted that we do on the machine. Dressed up woman with flowers – birthday girl, a smart man with a bouquet – a guest at the festival. A man elegantly decorated with flowers on a table or bedside table – this is one of a series of designer vases Bloom My Buddy , created Union of designers Niels van Eyck (Niels van Eijk) and Miriam van der Labbe.

 “Floral friends” is something like a vase, toys for those who are not yet fully-bye to childhood, and still loves to create outfits for the dolls, pets, and their children. These incredibly funny flower vases are also in need of clothing, just “sew” it must be of the colors, making up songs, focusing on the holes in the “body”.

   The process of making dresses for the girls and the vase-vase-suit for a boy like child’s play jigsaw puzzle. Only instead of colored chips are a variety of flowers. By the way, one can think of not only clothing, but her hair, turning “flower friend” from Bloom My Buddy series of punk, hippie, or a child with two tails.


This game will entice not only adults but also children, and it may be children in the first place. A series of amazing vases will be provided by designers in Italy during the Salone del Mobile, from 17 to 22 April.

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