Casa Playa Las Lomas I-05 – a luxurious new villa, designed by the Vertice Arquitectos in Cerro Azul (Peru)

Casa Playa Las Lomas I-05 – a luxurious new villa, designed by experts from the Peruvian architectural studio Vertice Arquitectos in Cerro Azul (Peru), on the beach Lomas del Mar, which is 120 kilometers south of Lima.

   Land development is a stony-sandy hill, which has complicated relief surface, the upper point of which reaches 48 meters above sea level and cool down as much as eight feet in its lower part.

 Despite the difficulties caused by the difficult initial conditions for strengthening the position of the home, thanks to a selected customer location, the villa has a 180 °-HYDRATED panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the beach which is offered in view of the southern part of the house and, of course, the scenic landscapes of northern and eastern coasts.

 The unique architecture of the console houses a maximum of efficiency due to the orientation of the windows of the main premises, which were given to the magnificent Pacific Ocean views and beach views, and extreme terrain area development.

 In one of the two parts of the villa, situated on the left of the entrance to the house, is where most of the bedrooms. The second part, which is located on the right of the entrance, fit, and social service facilities. Family room and guest room occupied the upper level of the structure and also offer views of the ocean inhabitants.

 The combined space of kitchen, dining area and social changes in the pool and terrace. Zoned element here is the massive staircase leading to the second level.

 Proceedings of the exterior and interior decor – painted and raw concrete, painting, stainless steel, tempered glass and granite, which was used to cover the foundation of the house to its delicate, but accent the attention of the selection on the background of the natural landscape.

 Pool on one side of a transparent wall made of glass, laminated glass, providing transparency and visual merging with the sea horizon.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, headquartered in Lima:

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