The Perfect gift “Game” shoe from Jacob Patterson

Perfect gift for all the gamers of the world, and especially the fans of the game Fallout , recently gave Jacob Patterson (Jacob Patterson) . Short spravochki for the ignorant: Fallout – a post-apocalyptic cult game, which takes place in the world after nuclear war. Jacob introduced us to sneakers Nike Model Dunk. And nothing would be interesting if the new design was not executed in the best traditions of the game.

   According to the creator, the development of the model took about one and a half years. But all the effort and time is not wasted: the author (and avid gamer-time) is quite pleased with the end result, though it differs from the great original concepts. Trainers came out more than outstanding, but it is unlikely they will find in the hearts of the mass market: specific design leaves little hope for their full sock.

 One of the iconic elements of the game is Pocket PC Pip-Boy , which performs several functions: displays player statistics, maps, domains, inventory, and a list of radio stations. An alternative to this device in the shoe was iPod Touch . It is located in the tongues, and in it, in turn, placed the items in accordance with the game: sounds, themes, applications and materials related to Fallout. Originally, Patterson wanted to make an exact copy of the Pip-Boy, but ran into difficulties and realized that there was nothing better than to invent the iPod still does not work.  The appearance of shoes, their “color war” and the prints are fully decorated in the style of the game: both sides of the image of characters adorn Fallout. Cover model looks posharpano, dirty and worn out, that gives us the atmosphere of post-apocalypse.

 Since Jacob was unable to mount speakers in the shoes, he found another way out. The author made the speaker in the shape of the atomic bomb that was stuck in a rock and streamlined water.  Sneakers Jacob Patterson, in principle, are not designed for walking, carrying out a purely aesthetic function. Such a model would be an unusual look as an alternative player on the shelf and be able to amaze your friends. But on the need for these Nike Dunk does not judge us, ordinary citizens, and “labor” fans Fallout.

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