“Stone” Livingstones Cushions made of natural wool by a French Company Smarin

Large and small, round, oblong, tough and rough – a “stone” cushions called Livingstones , a French company created Smarin . As a decorative element, and in the form of creative furniture, they find a place in the youth of modern interior apartment. Especially one in which the plan or have already nimble raise kids.

 Due to the fact that these pillows exactly replicate the look of sea stones and boulders, which can be seen from the coast or near rivers, or even the entire room apartment can be issued based on this image – sea, ocean, lake. And since the pillow is completely stone-wool, play with them absolutely safe, and even if the largest of the boulders at the foot accidentally dropped the baby, he just laughs and threw a pebble into the opposite corner of the room.

   Pillow-stones can be replaced by a large chair and a small couch. A pile of small stones will replace the Children “building materials” for the shelter and burrows, which are usually built from scrap materials, and furniture. And when the kids get tired, they can lie down to rest directly on the “construction site” by placing one of the boulders at the head, like the monks, ascetics, who found shelter in a remote cave.


And helpful and pleasant, and fun – three words that it was possible to characterize this wonderful project from the company Smarin, which has long specialized in the production of goods from environmentally friendly materials. Read more – on the site manufacturer.

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