Jungle Amazon Google Street amazing view

Internet is good that he brings to any person as close as possible anywhere on Earth. And even when you’re somewhere in the small mountain village, Tibet, through the World Wide Web, you can walk the streets of Paris, or go with the flow of the Amazon. And all of this – thanks to the service Google Street View !

   We have already talked about how Google Street View to become or will become in the nearest time available to study the virtual Great Barrier Reef , Alpine Rhaetian Railway and the deepest places of oceans of Earth . More recently, this service online travel and got to the Amazon rain forest. When working on a project Google Street View: Amazon, Google Inc. has teamed up with the NGO Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), which aims at maintaining the original form of this unique island nature – a wild, hard, but incredibly beautiful.

 To anyone who has access to the Internet, was able to get to Amazon, Google specialists with FAS have visited many places in South America, where it was filmed more than 50 000 panoramic photos of the technology “fish eyes”. All of them were combined into a single system on which you can constantly traveling, discovering new worlds with their beauty.

Thanks to Google Street View: Amazon, you can swim the river Amazon, to visit the coastal villages, climb the hill next to them, fly over this great river on ultralights, admiring her down. And all this without leaving the working chair! The world has never been so small and so big at the same time as it is now!
service Google Street View: Amazon is available on Google for this address.

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