The original idea of ​​household items from Daniel Ball

Innovation is not global but local scale are the specialty of California designer Daniel Ball (Daniel Ballou) . Nice, useful and original stuff, which he invented, will not solve all problems, but the economy is uniquely useful. Even the idea of a designer is noteworthy.

 One of these ideas – a constipated stool, Who’s There , that will help keep the door closed in case lock, latch or chain on it is absent, and outsiders do not want to start up. To do this, on top of the back of the chair is cut to prop up the door handle, and metal rear legs are equipped with special “hooves” with rubber “soles”, for greater stability. She is the author came to mind after watching the next film in which a locked door in this manner has successfully opened and admitted into the intruders.

 As the passion for coffee in some way drug addiction is considered, the design of the next unusual project of Daniel Ball is justified. Spoon the coffee in the form of a syringe as it alludes to the fact that coffee abuse – harming your health. Maybe someone will think if he needed to drink a quarter cup of this drink today, or whether it is better to prefer a cup of tea with lemon. Capacity of the spoon, which was called Caffeind , is 30 cc

 A project called Power Lines is useful to those who are tired of endlessly clutter on the desktop, and wants to eventually put in order all electrical cords and cables. Stands as a transmission line towers supporting the wires, to help them organize and decorate your desktop at the same time, which will resemble the industrial landscape.


Meet with other projects of the original household items available at the website Daniel Ball (Daniel Ballou).

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