Strange Ring-dwarf robot by Masayasu Ogata

Activists from the University of Keio University (Keio University) , in Japan, have developed a strange device. Scientists have come up with … Ring-dwarf robot. Supreme Commander of this scientific expedition was made ​​by Masayasu Ogata (Masayasu Ogata) from the laboratory Anza Imai (Imai Anzai) . The ring was presented at a recent conference on Interaction 2012.

   The main objective of the invention – the feelings and emotions. By type of ring like any frame from the horror movie character’s eyes or the Muppets. On the one hand – the novelty may not weak scare, but if you look on the other hand, it seems pretty nice. The work of the robot is voice recognition, the kinetic response to activity or remote control. In response to these factors, the eye on the ring begins to flash. Invention can also be controlled using a smartphone, and special applications.

 Now you can with greater ease to show your feelings, or loved ones around them. As the developers say, the ring is designed to “improve human interaction.” Imagine, for some reason you do not have the mood. To say about this human language well, does not work. In order not to quarrel with a loved one, you send it a signal (using the “extra” pair of eyes, of course). He immediately realizes that with you there is something wrong, and helps to solve immediate problems. Why not robotic utopia?

 The work of each ring, the robot provides miniature electronic unit, which includes a processor Arduino , battery and Bluetooth module.

 One of the first test of the ring has mentioned that, sorry about the absence of such technology at a time when he married: it could give such an incredible favorite ring!

While the ring is not present in the market, but in the long run, this invention can be used in education, or even to introduce into something more “social”, for example, “winking” at them dates. Anyway, so say the Japanese developers themselves.Well, wait and see.

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