“This Will Destroy You” Radevich boots from Anastasia (Anastasia Radevich)

Unusual model proposed to the court of public fashion designer shoes, a native of Belarus, who lives in Canada, Radevich Anastasia (Anastasia Radevich) . Anastasia – fashion is not without experience. The latter work girls – ankle boots with a menacing name “This Will Destroy You” . They are, first of all, surprised by its shape and make you think: what does this ominous phrase?

   Anastasia is often used in their collections all sorts of futuristic and abstract techniques. The new “talking” model shoe continues the tradition started. Current delays in the intergalactic painted themselves encountering thoughts. But there is something to ponder.

 The reason for creating such an extravagant shoes – purely ecological. As you know, Canada is cleaning and processing of tar sands oil. And this fact has long been a bone in the throat of local and international environmental organizations. And even“The New York Times” has repeatedly responded negatively about it, calling the process “dirty oil.” A phrase-risk «This Will Destroy You» («This will destroy you”) is clearly of the opinion itself Anastasia Radevich about pressing issues.

 But, despite the high social position of the designer, it is not clear how it will affect the footwear situation in general.Although Anastasia and showed an interesting interpretation of women’s shoes, even with such subtext, boots obviously do not imply, even some convenience and satisfaction, except for aesthetic and, of course, moral. So in this case the “destroy” the earliest possible heels and feet in general, the current situation.

 Can Lady Gaga and pay attention to this beautiful model, but most likely the designer with the mass lost. Hopefully, the ankle with a social message did find a buyer in the face of very like-minded Anastasia Radevich.


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