Design project of Mark Brothers: a family of labels for wires


March 24, 2012Miscellaneous1 Comment

The problem of organizing cables and wires of the electric is still irritating and annoying, and it becomes especially important when the apartment there are children or pets. And if you hide the wires away from prying eyes, grasping hands and sharp teeth – it five minutes, then figure out which of the wires for that “answers” sometimes very difficult. For this designer Shahar Peleg from Tel Aviv studio Peleg Design came up with a funny system of labels for wires, called The Mark Brothers.

 Brothers, Mark – plastic manikins, which are strongly aware that this one white cord – from washing machines, there’s that black and thin – the charger for the phone, and gray – it is plugged in the TV. Do little people it’s even written on my forehead, black and white, so as not to get confused. Writing some of each “brother” of the set and hung on the appropriate cable, you can avoid this confusion, and, if necessary, pull the plug out of the correct cable, and not to act at random.      

Funny and functional, decorative and useful shortcuts to the wire The Mark Brothers are the perfect solution for organizing cables and home office equipment regardless of where this technique was established. They can be attached to any standard cable, and humorous designs, no doubt, will smile if not all, of the many. The package contains the “five brothers”, and the cost of the family of The Mark Brothers makes almost $ 12.

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  1. nice functional design, thanks for sharing!

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